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Welcome to the Twin Cities!

Most areas of the Twin Cities and surrounding areas are very accepting to members of the GLBT community. However, just like when traveling anywhere, we ask that you keep in mind your own personal safety.

The Loring Park neighborhood of Minneapolis tends to be the epicenter of gay life in the Twin Cities. The first local GLBT march, held in June 1972, was held in Loring Park. That march has evolved into the Pride Festival, which is still held in Loring Park. Many members of the community live and work in the Loring Park neighborhood. Most of the bars and nightclubs, however, are located in Downtown Minneapolis and Downtown Saint Paul.

Area Weather

The summertime temperatures in the Twin Cities are quite warm. During Pride week, the last part of June, the high temperature is typically between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. June can be a rather wet month, with average monthly precipitation of about four inches. Travelers to Pride should pack a variety of clothing; jackets may be desired in the evenings, and shorts during the daytime is common. Visit Weather Underground for a detailed weather forecast for the Twin Cities.

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